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Unity 5.x by Example

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Coin Collection Game – Part 1 :
The Course Overview
Getting Started – Unity and Projects
Projects and Project Folders
Importing Assets
Starting a Level
Transformations and Navigation
Scene Building
Lighting and Sky
Play Testing and the Game Tab
Adding a Water Plane
Adding a Coin to Collect

Project A – The Collection Game Continued :
Creating a Coin Material
C# Scripting in Unity
Counting Coins
Collecting Coins
Coins and Prefabs
Timers and Countdowns
Celebrations and Fireworks!
Play Testing

Project B – The Space Shooter :
Getting Started with a Space Shooter
Creating a Player Object
Player Input
Configuring the Game Camera
Bounds Locking
Death and Particles
Enemy Spawning

Continuing the Space shooter :
Guns and Gun Turrets
Ammo Prefabs
Ammo Spawning
User Controls
Scores and Scoring – UI and Text Objects
Working with Scores – Scripting with Text
Testing and Diagnosis

Project C – A 2D Adventure :
A 2D Adventure – Getting Started
Importing Assets
Creating an Environment – Getting Started
Environment Physics
Creating a Player
Scripting the Player Movement

Continuing the 2D Adventure :
Moving Platforms
Creating Other Scenes – Levels 2 and 3
Kill Zones
The UI Health Bar
Ammo and Hazards
Gun Turrets and Ammo
NPCs and Quests

Project D – Intelligent Enemies :
Getting Started
Terrain Construction
Navigation and Navigation Meshes
Building an NPC
Creating Patrolling NPCs

Continuing with Intelligent Enemies :
Enemy AI – Range of Sight
An Overview of Finite-State Machines
The Patrol Statec
The Chase State
The Attack State