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Moodle for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Creating Resources in Moodle :
The Course Overview
Exploring Resources within Moodle
Choosing a Resource
Designing a Resource
Uploading a Resource
Adding a Resource within a Block

Creating External Resources and Embedding Them in Moodle :
Exploring External Resources
Designing Blogs
Creating Videos
Embedding External Resources
Combining External Resources

Repositories and e-Portfolios :
Enabling a Repository
Working with the Repository
Enabling an e-Portfolio
Working with the e-Portfolio
Embedding the e-Portfolio in the Moodle Course

Designing Activities in Moodle :
Exploring Solitary or Intrapersonal Activities
Designing a Solitary or Intrapersonal Activity
Exploring Social or Interpersonal Activities
Choosing a Social or Interpersonal Activity and Uploading Content to It
Adding New Users and Enrolling Them in Both Activities

Creating External Activities and Embedding them in Moodle :
Using a Website to Create Activities
Uploading Activities in the Moodle Course
Using Free and Open Source Software to Create Activities
Uploading Activities in the Moodle Course
Using Already Made Activities and Embedding Them in the Moodle Course

Designing a Lesson :
Adding Content to a Lesson
Adding a Question to a Lesson
Adding More Questions to a Lesson
Previewing the Lesson
Ending the Lesson