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Microservices in Scala

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Microservices Word :
Advantages of Microservices Approach
Disadvantages of Monolithic Applications
Challenges and Problems in Building Microservices
Service Discovery
Deployment - Embedded Containers Versus Server Containers Like Tomcat
Monitoring - Gathering Proper Metrics and Configuring Health Checks
Configuration Service - Storing Services Common Configuration
Log aggregation - Aggregating and Storing Logs from Multiple Instances of Multiple Services
Asynchronous Versus Thread-Per-Request Processing
Microservices Should be Resilient - Tolerating Failures
REST/HTTP as a Communication Protocol
Service Clients Library for Easier Communication Between Services

Building Microservices in Play Framework :
Start Project Using Play Framework
Introduction to Play Framework
Getting to Know Core API
Creating Controllers of Our Microservice
Writing Test for Controllers
Making Logic Asynchronous and Non-Blocking
Writing Performance Tests for a Microservice