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Mastering CSS – Second Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

CSS Foundations :
The Course Overview
The Anatomy of a Rule Set and the Three Types of Style Sheets
The Box Model and Block versus Inline Elements

Ramping Up :
Text Editors
CSS Reset
Chrome Dev Tools
Renaming Elements: Classes and IDs
Descendant Selectors
Creating a Page Layout with Floats
Floats Introduction – Flowing Text around Images

Creating a Multicolumn Layout :
Solving the Problems of Floats
Creating Buttons with Modular CSS
Creating Buttons with Modular CSS
Multiple Classes
Specificity Rules
Styling a Call to Action button

Creating the Main Navigation :
Starting the Navigation
Using Pseudo Classes
Absolute Positioning
Building the Dropdown
CSS Animations
CSS Animations (Continued)
Finalizing the Navigation

Becoming Responsive :
Fluid Grid
Flexible Images
Media Queries
Mobile Menu
Viewport Meta Tag

Web Fonts :
The @font-face Property
Font Kits and Font Services
Google Web Fonts
Subscription Font Foundries
Icon Fonts

The Workflow for HiDPI Devices :
2x Images
The JavaScript Approach
1.5x images
Background Images

Flexbox :
Introduction to Flexbox
From Floats to Flexbox
Understanding flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basis, and flex
More Layout, More Positioning
Building the Product Listing
flex-wrap and align-content
Changing the Display Order of Content
Vendor Prefixes

Wrapping Up :
Next Steps
Conclusion and Links