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Linux Networking Solutions – Part 1

Video Introducing this tutorial

Configuring a Router :
The Course Overview
Setting Up the Physical Network
Configuring IPv4
Configuring IPv4 Permanently
Connecting Two Networks
Enabling NAT to the Outside
Setting Up DHCP
Setting Up a Firewall with iptables
Setting Up Port Forwarding
Adding VLAN Tagging

Configuring DNS :
Setting Up Your System to Talk to a nameserver
Setting Up a Local Recursive Resolver
Configuring Dynamic DNS on Your Local Network
Setting Up a nameserver for Your Public Domain
Setting Up a Slave nameserver

Configuring IPv6 :
Setting Up an IPv6 Tunnel Via Hurricane Electric
Using ip6tables to Firewall Your IPv6 Traffic
Route an IPv6 netblock to Your Local Network

Remote Access :
Installing OpenSSH
Using OpenSSH as a Basic Shell Client
Using OpenSSH to Forward Defined Ports
Using OpenSSH as a SOCKS Proxy
Using OpenVPN

Web Servers :
Configuring Apache with TLS
Improving Scaling with the Worker MPM
Setting Up PHP Using an Apache Module
Securing Your Web Applications Using mod_security
Configuring NGINX with TLS
Setting Up PHP in NGINX with FastCGI