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Learning Path: SQL Commands Joins and Views

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started With Databases And SQL
What Are The SQL Commands 00:02:41
Select Syntax And Examples 00:04:58

Using SQL To Select And Filter Data
Using Select To View Data 00:04:08
Sorting The Data 00:05:57
Adding A Where Clause To Filter Data 00:05:45
Use Of Wildcards In Filtering 00:09:14

Joining Tables
Which Tables Can I Join And How? 00:06:26
Joining More Than Two Tables 00:04:23
Using Different Join Types 00:05:51
The Special Cross Or Cartesian Join 00:03:44

Data Modification
Amend Data In Tables 00:08:29
Adding Data To Tables With Insert 00:09:32
Removing Data From Tables 00:08:40

Creating And Altering Database Objects
What Is A View And How To Create One 00:07:00
Alter Or Delete A View 00:03:12