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Learning Path: React: Make Stunning React Websites

Chapter 1 : Learning React.js User Interfaces
Setting Up our Foundation Project 00:14:26
Setting up Webpack and WebPack-Dev-Server 00:08:12
Bootstrapping our HTML 00:07:20
Hot Reloading with WebPack-Dev-Server 00:05:20
Adding Support for ES6 and JSX with Babel 00:10:46
Building our First JSX React Component 00:13:38
Creating an ES6 React Component 00:07:20
Building a Reusable Bootstrap React Button 00:10:15
Creating Dynamic JSX Tags 00:04:05
Understanding JSX Spread in Depth 00:04:55
Adding Features to Our Button Component 00:07:33
Making Disabled Tags Work 00:03:05
Creating Reusable Utilities 00:04:55
Creating the Jumbotron Component 00:05:27
Building a Reusable Container Class 00:09:25
Removing Unknown Props from HTML 00:04:23
Completing Our Jumbotron with a Dynamic Fluid Child 00:05:14
Dynamically building CSS files with Webpack 00:10:07
Creating SASS Variables 00:05:49
Importing SCSS Files with Webpack 00:11:34
Introducing SCSS Mixins 00:07:37
Animating in React with Add-ons 00:06:30
Choosing Between Children and Props 00:03:28
Working with Events in React 00:04:56
Understanding How State Works 00:03:39
Animating Children with ReactCSSTransitionGroup 00:08:47
Leaving Animations with SASS Nesting 00:07:38

Chapter 2 : Learning React.js Data Visualization
Overview and Setting Things Up 00:08:53
Overview of JSON Basics 00:06:03
Importing JSON Files with webpack 00:05:51
Building ES6 React Classes 00:11:56
Integrating JSON into React Components 00:06:13
Creating a Map 00:04:46
Finding Points on a Map 00:08:19
Calculating a Map's Latitude and Longitude 00:05:24
Using ES6 String Templates 00:05:19
Connecting to the Web Service 00:05:09
Changing a Component's State 00:07:28
Reviewing package.json and webpack Configurations 00:10:06
Modifying Style Attributes in React 00:05:11
Preparing the Chart Data Object 00:07:21
Creating a Bar Chart with ChartJS 00:08:09
Formatting Data 00:12:37
Creating Utility Modules 00:07:45
Adding Random Colors 00:05:04
Cleaning Up Memory Leaks 00:08:33
Diving Deep into Properties 00:08:34
Exploring the Options in ChartJS 00:04:02
MongoD Versus Mongo 00:04:32
Database, Collection, and Document 00:07:29
Preparing Our Data for MongoDB 00:05:56
Setting Up NodeJS with Express and MongoJS 00:09:40
Creating a Radar Chart with MongoDB 00:05:41