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Learning Path : Production Angular

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1 : Introducing AngularJS
The Course Overview 00:02:57
"Angularizing" Your Existing Web Page 00:02:31
Bootstrapping an Angular Application 00:03:36
Defining a Controller 00:04:11
Displaying Data Dynamically 00:03:17
Repeating Content for All Items in a List 00:03:19
Area of Influence of a Controller 00:05:33
Adding Interactions to the Template 00:05:59
Creating Corresponding Controller Logic 00:06:50
Reading Data from the Template 00:06:43
Conditionally Showing/Hiding Elements 00:07:07
Route Declaration and the ng-view Directive 00:07:03
Creating New Routes 00:05:15
Routing with Parameter 00:05:17
Creating Links 00:07:02
Making AJAX Calls via $http 00:05:59
Handling Responses via Success and Error Callbacks 00:04:52
Building GET and POST Requests 00:07:51
Making Cross-domain Requests Using JSONP 00:08:52
Separating the Loading of Data from the Controller 00:06:21
Introducing the "factory" Type of Service 00:05:44
Injecting Your Own Services 00:03:58
Implementing Persistence 00:07:55

Chapter 2 : Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrap
Course Overview 00:06:05
Using AngularJS with Bootstrap 00:04:59
Getting started; “Hello, World” 00:06:59
Introducing the Input 00:04:02
Validating Inputs 00:08:27
Taking a Closer Look at ngModel 00:03:19
Bonus: Angular-Better-Placeholders for Open Source UX 00:03:50
Conditionally Disabling Buttons 00:03:57
Dealing with Forms 00:03:03
Submitting a Form via Ajax 00:02:57
Submission Feedback 00:05:13
Routing – What, Why, and How 00:07:11
Routing Events 00:06:43
Sharing Data between Routes 00:03:10
Bonus – Animating the Route Changes 00:04:15
ngRepeat – What and How 00:04:37
Filters for Display 00:08:30
Advanced Repeating 00:08:48
An Introduction to AngularStrap 00:06:26
Using AngularStrap 2 00:06:10

Chapter 3 : Mastering AngularJS UI Development
The Course Overview 00:02:48
The Project Structure and Scaffolding 00:03:35
Creating Controllers Using AngularJS Best Practices 00:03:03
Implementing Services Using Best Practice Methods 00:05:18
Providing TV Show Search Functionality 00:03:11
Building a Search Feature UI 00:05:56
Adding the Tracking Functionality 00:05:29
Persisting User Data Using Local Storage 00:03:08
Directive Basics and Best Practices 00:06:03
Creating a showOverview Component 00:03:06
Creating a next-on Widget 00:05:06
Adding Suggested Search 00:02:55
Adding Pagination 00:03:58
Adding Ratings 00:03:04
Creating a TV Show Diary Feature 00:08:00
AngularJS Form Basics 00:04:21
Adding Custom Validation to AngularJS Forms 00:02:52
Animating a Form Error Message 00:02:42
Two-way Data Binding Not Working 00:02:43
Horrible Waterfall Effect on Images with Slow Connections 00:03:07
Dealing with 404s 00:03:06
Wrapping Up 00:03:39

Chapter 4 : Learning AngularJS Directives
The Course Overview 00:03:07
Replacing ng-include with a Directive 00:04:43
Creating Our First Directive 00:03:51
Learning about Isolate Scope 00:04:05
Giving Our Directive Some Style 00:05:11
Coming Back to Scope 00:04:55
Using the & Operator to Bind Functions 00:03:53
Deciphering Transclusion 00:02:48
Creating a Driver Card 00:03:45
Restricting Our Directives by Type 00:03:44
Understanding Link 00:03:44
Injecting Dependencies 00:03:37
Drawing Our Racetrack 00:04:04
Coordinating Directives 00:03:58
Adding Our Cars to the Track 00:04:55

Chapter 5 : Deploying AngularJS
Technical Requirements 00:04:21
Scaffolding of the Project 00:04:13
A Sneak Peek of the Final Application 00:01:33
Code Testing with Karma and JSHint 00:06:59
Building the BrowserSync and SASS Workflow 00:05:14
The Storage Service 00:04:36
The Animals Service 00:06:49
Generating the Matchup 00:04:04
Calculating the Animal’s Score 00:06:14
Fighting the Match 00:04:34
Generating a Matchup in the Arena View 00:05:47
Creating the Animal and Terrain Card Directives 00:03:56
Fighting the Match with Our Animal 00:07:31
Adding the Dashboard View 00:06:13
Adding Monitoring Tools 00:02:11
Building the Production Version 00:12:53
Serving Our Application on Heroku 00:06:54
Conclusions, Links, and References 00:02:13
Troubleshooting and Future Steps 00:01:27