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Learning Path: Aurelia: Web Development for UI Developers

Chapter 1 : Mastering JavaScript
The Course Overview 00:02:58
Using White Space for Readability 00:05:20
Declaring Variables 00:07:52
Declaring Complex Data Types and Functions 00:04:22
OOP Naming Conventions 00:04:14
Creating a Global Namespace 00:04:46
Constants (and Pseudo constants) 00:03:49
Smart Coercion of Data Fields 00:04:23
Targeting at JavaScript Versions or Features 00:04:53
Creating an onload Method That Always Works 00:03:39
OnReady – Our First Cross-browser Script 00:06:51
Using Modernizr to Detect Features 00:04:23
Building a Conditional Logic Flow 00:04:51
Selecting DOM Elements Natively in HTML5 00:06:25
Creating a Cross-browser Script Loader 00:05:37
Using Sizzle to Select DOM Elements 00:07:14
Defining a Namespace 00:05:43
Creating Private Variables in JavaScript 00:05:45
The JavaScript Module Design Pattern 00:06:30
Version Controlling Our Library 00:07:08
Building Out Our Library 00:11:26
Thinking with Interfaces 00:07:21
Creating an Adapter Design Pattern 00:05:30
Building a jQuery Adapter 00:06:41
Adding a Functionality Method 00:03:47
Mimicking the jQuery Wrapper 00:09:07
Introducing the Facade Design Pattern 00:03:56
Creating a Facade Creator 00:04:34
Creating a New Global Function Through the Facade 00:04:00
Creating an Advanced Facade Pattern 00:05:19
Creating a Singleton 00:11:33
Building the Constructor for Our Ticker 00:10:37
Connecting Time with Our Ticker 00:11:10
Processing Interval groups 00:09:46
Exposing Our Ticker to the World 00:02:46
Creating an Event Dispatcher 00:13:35
Integrating the Event Dispatcher into Our Library 00:08:12
Removing Events from the Dispatcher 00:05:21
Building Test Units 00:08:48

Chapter 2 : Aurelia Web Development - Part 1
Walkthrough of the Todo ListApplication 00:05:30
Setting Up the Development Environment 00:34:25
Aurelia CLI 00:07:54
Bootstrapping Aurelia 00:04:39
Hello World from Aurelia 00:34:33
Modules and Promises 00:24:30
Tools 00:10:11
Web Components 00:04:50
Testing 00:15:51
Creating a TodoApplication Project 00:32:51
Adding an In-memory Todo Repository/Service 00:48:43
Tools 00:50:45
Styling Using MaterializeCSS 00:33:37
Persisting Todos 00:20:06
Routing 00:33:44
Using pub/ Sub for Communication 00:20:10
Dependency Injection (DI) in Aurelia 00:08:24
Declarative and Explicit Registration 00:13:27
Resolvers 00:40:02