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Learning Path: Akka: Building Applications and Microservices with Akka

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Understanding the Actor Model
Concepts and Terminology
Let's Create Hello World
Actor System and Hierarchical Structure
Actor Components and Lifecycle
Creating an Actor with Props
Talking to an Actor
Supervision and Monitoring
ActorRef Versus Actor Path Versus Actor Selection
Sending Messages via Router
Replacing Actor Behavior via become/unbecome
Replacing Actor Behavior via FSM
Introduction to Akka Persistence
Creating Persistent Actors
Playing with a Persistent Actor
Persistence FSM
Persistence Query
Playing with Remote Actors
Building a Cluster
Adding Load Balancer to a Cluster Node
Creating a Singleton Actor in the Cluster
Cluster Sharding
How to Test an Actor?
Testing a Parent-child Relationship
Testing FSM
Multi Node Testing
Introduction to Akka Streams
Reactive Tweets
Testing Streams
Working with Graphs
Working with Stream IO
Introduction to Akka HTTP
Working with Client-side API
Working with Server-side API
Let's Implement a REST API
Let's Test Our REST API
Balancing Workload Across Nodes
Throttling Messages
Shutdown Patterns
Ordered Termination
Scheduling Periodic Messages
The Course Overview
Message Driven
Putting All Reactive Principles Together
Introduction to Akka
Introduction to Akka HTTP
Getting to Know Core API of Akka HTTP
Creating Controllers for our REST Microservice
Writing Tests for Our Microservice
Making Our Service Comply with Reactive Manifesto Principles