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Learning AWS Lambda

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started with AWS :
The Course Overview
Installation and Setup
Introduction to AWS
AWS Management Console Walkthrough
AWS Lambda
AWS API Gateway
Exploring the Serverless

Framework :
The Serverless Framework
Creating a Serverless Project
Programming a Lambda Function with Node.js
Testing and Debugging Lambda Functions
Building a Serv

erless Application :
Building a Stateless Serverless Web Application Backend
Stateful Serverless Backend with DynamoDB
Creating a Web Client
Deploying a Serverless Frontend on CloudFront

ng AWS Lambda with Java :
Getting Started with Eclipse and the AWS Eclipse Plugin
Deploying and Testing AWS Lambda Functions
Lambda Function with S3 Event Input
Creating a Simple Serverless Java Application

AWS Lambda with Python :
Creating a Python Lambda Function
Using the Serverless Framework with Python
Building a Serverless Backend with Python
Programming AWS La

mbda with C# :
Creating a C# Lambda Function with .NET Core
Creating a C# Serverless Project with .NET Core