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Learning Android N Application Development

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
The Course Overview
Why Android N?
Basics of Android
Anatomy of Our app
Tools Overview
Tools – Android Studio and Emulators

UI of the Application :
UI Section Overview
Hello World
Home Page Card
Home Page Card Implementation
NewsArticle, Adapters, and RecyclerView
Creating a NewsArticle
Implementing the ArrayAdapter
Implementing the RecyclerView
The Details Page
Event Handling and Navigation
Enabling Navigation
Android N Multiwindow Features

Networking :
Networking Section Overview
Networking Basics
News API
Parsing the News API Response
Parsing the News API Response – Implementation
Retrofit Implementation
Testing API calls

Completing the App :
Connecting the Response to the UI
Analytics and More
Analytics and Crash Reporting Implementation
Addition Attribution

Testing :
Introduction to Testing in Android
Unit Testing in Android
Unit Testing with Powermock
Instrumentation Testing in Android
Espresso Implementation

Publishing the App on the Play Store :
Preparing to Upload to the Play Store
Uploading to the Play Store

Best Practices :
Best Practices
Review of the Project