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Getting started with SELinux System Administration

Video Introducing this tutorial

Fundamental SELinux Concepts :
The Course Overview
Providing More Security to Linux
Labeling All Resources and Objects
Defining and Distributing Policies
Distinguishing Between Policies

Understanding SELinux Decisions and Logging :
Switching SELinux On and Off
SELinux Logging and Auditing
Other SELinux-Related Event Types
Getting Help with Denials

Managing User Logins :
User-Oriented SELinux Contexts
SELinux Users and Roles
Handling SELinux Roles
SELinux and PAM

Process Domains and File-Level Access Controls :
About SELinux File Contexts
Keeping or Ignoring Contexts
SELinux File Context Expressions
Modifying File Contexts
The Context of a Process
Limiting the Scope of Transitions
Types, Permissions, and Constraints

Controlling Network Communications :
From IPC to TCP and UDP Sockets
Linux netfilter and SECMARK Support
Labeled Networking
Using Netlabel/CIPSO