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Exploring AWS Instances Networking and Databases

Video Introducing this tutorial

Servers and Virtual Cables: VPC and EC2 :
The Course Overview
Diving into VPC
The More the Merrier? Multiple VPCs
Running a Server – It’s Cattle, Not Pets
Saving Money with EC2 Pricing Options
ELB – Why You Don’t Need Elastic IPs
Merging Your Infrastructure and Code – Application Load Balancer
Lightsail – Should You or Should You Not?

Where Do I Put This? Storage :
Should I Use EBS or Ephemeral Storage?
Forget About Drives with Elastic File System
Logging! Events! Replication! Lifecycle! Advanced S3
Freezing Your Backups – Glacier
Migrating a Ton of Data with Storage Gateway and Snowball

The Actual Data – Caches and Databases :
When You Just Want a Database – RDS
Real-World Problems with RDS
When You Just Want a Cache – ElastiCache
Should I Just Run It on EC2?
Deep Dive into DynamoDB

Containers in AWS :
Exploring EC2 Container Service
How to Cluster Containers?
How to Deploy Containers?
Why Use ECS (Or Why Not Use ECS)