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Canvas for Collaboration

Video Introducing this tutorial

Collaborative Learning Environments :
The Course Overview
Overview of Collaborative Learning Environments
Learning Advantages of Collaboration
Creating Learning Outcomes in Canvas
Discussion Boards in Canvas
Wikis in Canvas
Collaborative Presentations in Canvas
Collaborations and Learning Objectives – In-Depths

Group Projects :
Discussion Board
Setting Up a Wiki in Canvas
Using Google Docs in Canvas
Collaboration with Audio Files
Collaboration with YouTube Videos
Building a Group Presentation

Group Editing Best Practices :
General Guidelines for Editing
Group Editing a Text Document
Group Editing a Presentation
Editing Graphics Using Google Photos
Editing Audio Using Audacity
Editing Video Using YouTube's Editing

Organizations :
Text Collaboration for Organizations
Google Sheets for Project, Event, and Strategic Planning
Google Forms for Event Registration and Feedback
Using Big Blue Button for Webinars
Graphics Using Google Drawing

Collaboratively Building Outcome Based Training for Corporations and Business Organizations :
Collaboratively Build Outcome-Based Training
Using Google Sheets Event, Project, and Strategic Planning
Big Blue Button for Webinar Series (Training)
Discussion Board for Project Planning
Using Canvas for Creating Collaborative Learning Modules

Compliance Training :
Developing a Library of Documents
Using Pages to Create a Wiki
Big Blue Button Webinars for Compliance Training
Collaboratively Developing Assessments for Quiz
Using Quiz to Create a Survey for a Needs Assessment or Satisfaction Survey