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Building Applications with Mean Stack

Video Introducing this tutorial

Setting Up Application Layout :
The Course Overview
Knowing Your Tools
Laying the Foundation
Understanding the DataBases
Keeping It Simple: Mocking Out the Data
MongoDB Drivers: Mocking
Mocha Test : Mocking

Creating the Data Model from the Problem at Hand :
Introduction to Mongoose
Schema Design Principle: Store What You Query For
Schema Design Principle: Principle of Least Cardinality
MongoDB Indexes
Thinking Functionally

Talking to the Outside World :
Setting Up Express

Taking Only What You Need :
Two to Tango: Communicating with the Server
Talking to the Serve System
Best Practices
Introduction to Browserify and Gulp-Browserify
What Is a Single Page app, AngularJS philosophy, and Why It Matters?
Client-Side Routing

Persisting Data with MongoDB and Reacting in Real-Time with Socket.IO :
Setting Up Socket.IO