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Advanced Infusionsoft Implementation

Video Introducing this tutorial

E-mail Hygiene :
The Course Overview
Reconciling Hard Bounced E-mail Addresses
Tracking E-mail Engagement Levels

Creating a True E-mail Preferences Center :
Filtering out New Hire Applicants
Using Lead Sources to Track ROI
Checking for Duplicate Contact Records
Cleaning Up Duplicate Contact Records

Campaign Management :
Managing Campaign Model Variations with Versioning
Adding Groups of Contacts to a Campaign Sequence

Dashboard Fundamentals :
Creating a Saved Search or Report
Adding Custom Statistics to Your Dashboard
Configuring Your Dashboard
Setting a User’s Default Start Page
Automating Saved Search or Report Delivery

Campaign Builder Reporting :
Reporting on Who Is in a Campaign
Reporting on Who is in (or was in) a Specific Campaign Sequence
Reporting on Who Is Queued to Receive a Specific Campaign Step
Reporting on Who Received a Specific Campaign Step
Reporting on Who Completed a Specific Campaign Goal

Link Hacks :
Creating a Custom Confirmation Link inside Campaign Builder
Creating a Custom Unsubscribe Link inside Campaign Builder
Triggering Automation from an E-mail Open

Grab Bag :
Sending Form Submissions to Different Thank You Pages Based on Custom Fields
Adding a Calendar Dropdown to Date Type Fields on Forms
Using Images as Form Submit Buttons

More Link Hacks :
Making any Text a Social Sharing Link
Making any Link an Unsubscribe Link
Hiding Order Forms until a Link is Clicked