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Advanced Data Analysis with Haskell

Brushing up on the Basics :
The Course Overview
CSV Files to SQLite3
Regular Expressions
Kernel Density Estimation

Regression Analysis :
Linear Regression
Correlation Coefficients
Drawbacks of Linear Regression
Logarithmic Regression
Polynomial Regression

Multiple Regression :
Creating Matrices in HMatrix
Performing Multivariate Regression
Calculating the Adjusted R^2
Improving the Adjusted R^2 Score

Text Analysis :
Preparing Our Text
Finding the Set of N-Grams
Cosine Similarity
Overview of TF-IDF
Applying TF-IDF

Clustering :
Clustering: An Overview
Random Cluster Generation
Distances between Clusters
Performing K-Means Clustering
Performing Hierarchical Clustering

Naïve Bayes Classification :
Bayes: A Discussion
Bayes: The Code
Bayes on Full Documents

Principal Component Analysis :
PCA: A Discussion
Preparing Our Dataset
Dimensionality Reduction
Recommendation Engine