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Ten Ton WordPress Mastery

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to Ten Ton WordPress Mastery! :
Ready for Some WordPress?

Chapter 1: Understanding What WordPress Is :
About Blogging And WordPress
The Main Areas Of A WordPress Blog
A Blog's Front End And Back End

Chapter 2: Lets Getcha Up And Running with WordPress :
Setting Up A Free Blog On
Setting Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Installing Locally On A Mac Part One: Installing MAMP 00:08:17 :

Installing Locally On A Mac Part Two: Installing WordPress 00:14:04 :

Installing Locally On A PC Part One: Installing XAMPP 00:05:54 :

Installing Locally On A PC Part Two: Installing WordPress 00:11:40 :

TASK #1: Applications You May Use With WordPress 00:04:38 :
Chapter 3: The Sights: A Tour Of The WordPress I
Viewing And Customizing The Dashboard
Touring The Rest Of The Admin Interface
The WordPress Codex And Online Forums

Chapter 4: Making Your Blog Your Own :
Gettin' To Settin' Up Your Profile
Setting The Blog's General Options

Now On To Themes: Changing Your Blog's Design 00:05:27 :
Discovering Even More Themes
Viewing Your Blog's Theme Files
Using The WordPress Theme Directory
Manually Installing Themes
Auto Installing Themes From The Theme Directory

TASK #2: Ten Awesome WordPress Themes To Explore 00:03:49 :

Chapter 5: Let's Get Creating Some Posts :
Touring The Edit Post Screen And Writing Posts With The Visual Editor

A Quick Mention: Setting Your Post's Discussion Options 00:01:14 :
Editing Your Posts And A Look At The Quick Edit Feature
Formatting And Previewing Your Posts
Inserting And Editing Links To Sites And Email Addresses

Super-Sweet: It's WordPress's Kitchen Sink Toolbar 00:05:01 :
Setting Publishing Options For Your Posts
Understanding Excerpts, Trackbacks, And Pingbacks

Chapter 6: Additional Posting Techniques :
Get Editing Your Published Posts

Making Your Blog Easier To Read: Adding 00:05:16 :
Creating And Editing Posts With The HTML Editor
Ready For This? Creating HTML Posts With Dreamweaver
Adjusting Your Blog's Writing Settings
Password Protecting A Post

Chapter 7: Adding Media To Posts, Part One :
First Up, Setting Your Blog's Media Options
Droppin' Graphics Into Posts
Adding An Image From A URL
Loading Images Into The Media Library
Inserting Images Into Posts From The Library
Editing Your Inserted Images
Editing Images In The HTML Editor

Dig This: Using WordPress's Image Editor 00:06:35 :
Understanding Graphics In Web Design

TECHNIQUE #1: Preparing Images In Photoshop For Use On Your Blog 00:17:16 :

TECHNIQUE #2: WordPress Workflow: From Illustrator To Photoshop To Your Blog 00:12:35 :
And Now On To Video

Chapter 8: Adding Media To Posts, Part Two :
Adding In Some Video To Your A Posts
Using Auto-Embed To Add In Video
Droppin' In Some Audio
Linking To PDFs And Other Types Of Media
Managing Your Inserted Media

Chapter 9: Working With Categories And Tags :
Getting Started With Categories
Creating New Blog Categories
Gettin' Organized; Applying Categories To Posts
Setting Your Blog's Default Category (And A Fast Way For Creating Categories)
Get Applying Tags To Posts

Chapter 10: Working With WordPress Pages :
Understanding Pages Versus Posts
Editing And Scratch Building WordPress Pages

TECHNIQUE #3: Creating An HTML Contact Page With Dreamweaver 00:17:22 :
Setting Your Blog's Front Page And Going Further With Dreamweaver Design
Controlling Page Order And Hierarchy
Makin' Use Of Your Theme's Page Templates

Chapter 11: Creating And Managing A Blogroll :
What The Heck Is A Blogroll? Let's Get Started
Adding Links To Your Blogroll
Adding And Removing Blogroll Links
Creating Custom Link Categories

Chapter 12: Viewing Comments And Adding Users :
A Real-World Look At The Disqus Commenting System
Moderating Comments On Your Blog
Setting Up Discussion Options

Allowing Others To Contribute: Adding Additional Users 00:06:37 :
Understanding WordPress's Different User Privileges

Chapter 13: Customizing Permalinks And RSS Feeds :
Setting Your Blog's Permalinks
So Let's Get Creating Custom Permalinks
Viewing Your Blog's .Htaccess File

Blog Syndication: Understanding RSS Feeds 00:03:27 :
Determining Your Blog's RSS URL
Figuring Out RSS Feeds For Your Blog's Categories

Chapter 14: Extending Your Blog With Widgets :
Diggin' Into Sidebar Customization
Getting More Comfortable With Widgets (And Setting Up An RSS Widget)
A First Look At The Arbitrary Text Widget
Using Dreamweaver To Create A Custom Widget

TECHNIQUE #4: Adding A Twitter Widget To Your Blog 00:08:39 :

Chapter 15: Into The World Of Plugins :

Now On To Plugins: A Big Toe In The Massive Pool Of WordPress Plugins 00:05:44 :
Exploring The WordPress Plugin Directory
Installing And Configuring Plugins
Manually Installing Plugins On Your Blog

TASK #3: Ten Killer WordPress Plugins To Explore 00:02:49 :
Adding In Some Custom Widgets

Chapter 16: Uploading Your Completed Site! :

Step One: Exporting the Local Database 00:04:18 :

Step Two: Changing Local URLs to Remote URLs 00:04:44 :

Step Three: Creating the Live MySQL Database 00:02:27 :

Step Four: Adding A User to the Live Database 00:02:00 :

Step Five: Importing the Local Database into the Live Database 00:02:32 :

Step Six: Setting Live Database Info 00:03:48 :

Step Seven: Uploading the Site Files 00:02:57 :

Step Eight: Viewing the Live Result 00:01:23 :