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Prototyping with Justinmind Prototyper

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started
Picking A Prototype Style (Free)
The Design’s Foundation (Free)
The Built-In 30-second Overview (Free)
Understanding The Interface
Introduction To The Interface
Menu Bar
Panels: Widgets
Panels: Screens
Panels: Properties
Panels: Navigator
Panels: Outline
Launching A Prototype
Basics Of Prototype Creation
Why Prototype?
Selecting, Adding And Managing Assets
Creating Interactive Events
Step-By-Step Prototype Creation
The Design Scenario
Picking a Prototype Style and Layout
Selecting Assets
Fine-Tuning The Interface
Adding Interactivity
Viewing The Simulated Prototype
Prototype Exercise
Collaborating With Stakeholders
Sharing The Prototype
Keys to Collaboration: Enabling, Creating, and Viewing Comments
Advanced Tip 1: Expanding Your Justinmind UI Libraries
Advanced Tip 2: From Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi
Advanced Tip 3: Simulating External Sites
Advanced Tip 4: Creating Scenarios (Pro Version)
Advanced Tip 5: Events Overview (Pro Version)
Wrap Up and Thank

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