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OReilly Manning – Creating a Simple Angular App

00001 Introduction
00002 How Angular sites differ from traditional web technologies
00003 How angular can create a fast responsive user experience
00004 What an angular application looks like
00005 The software needed to build with Angular
00006 Installing Node.js
00007 Installing the Angular CLI
00008 Testing Angular with a hello world application
00009 Running the hello world application
00010 Configuring the Intellij Idea IDE
00011 Installing and configuring Visual Studio Code
00012 An overview of our first example site
00013 What is a component
00014 index.html and styles.css
00015 Component selectors
00016 The 4 component files
00017 How angular can construct a page
00018 Angular doesn t assemble the HTML
00019 How to open a project from the sample files
00020 Creating a new project
00021 Running the project
00022 Creating the component with the CLI tool
00023 Editing the Component s HTML and making it appear
00024 Exercise 1 - creating components
00025 Exercise 1 - solution walkthrough
00026 An overview of the Component Class structure
00027 Template expressions
00028 Template expressions are dynamic
00029 Event binding
00030 Exercise 2 - event binding
00031 Exercise 2 - solution walkthrough
00032 Using the hidden HTML attribute
00033 Accessing properties of a child component
00034 The ngIf structural directive
00035 Setting up the scenario
00036 Accessing properties from code
00037 The @Input decorator
00038 Why we need custom events
00039 Creating an event emitter
00040 Triggering an event
00041 Sending data with events
00042 Revisiting ngIf and hidden