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Learning Paths Developing a Modern Enterprise Data Strategy

Video Introducing this tutorial

Why You Need a Data Strategy:
In this video, you’ll learn what a data strategy is—and why you should have one. You’ll also be learn how to clarify your organization’s level of data maturity, and what your strategic imperatives and business objectives are.

How Today’s Data Technologies Change Business:
In this video, you’ll explore modern technologies including Docker, Spark, and Notebooks, as well as basic data platform architecture.

Devising a Modern Data Strategy:
What does a successful data strategy looks like? In this video, you’ll learn what makes a data strategy successful, the process for creating a data strategy, how to assess data needs through a data gap assessment, and how to map business objectives to repeatable technical workloads.

Becoming a Data-driven Business:
This video explains the role of the chief data officer and the key ingredients of a data-driven “experimental enterprise.”