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Learning CompTIA CSA+

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to the Course
About the Author
Course Overview
CSA+ Audience
About the Exam
CSA+ Acronyms

Security Basics :
Cybersecurity Basics
Understanding Risk
Identifying Threats
Network Security
Endpoint Security
Penetration Testing
Reverse Engineering
Wireless vs. Wired
Virtual vs. Physical pt. 1
Virtual vs. Physical pt. 2
On-premises vs. Cloud

Threat Management :
Managing Threats
Topology and Service Discovery
OS Fingerprinting
Router and Firewall Review
Packet Capture
Log Review
Email Harvesting
Getting Social
DNS Harvesting pt. 1
DNS Harvesting pt. 2

Threat Mitigation :
Threat Mitigation Basics
Network Segmentation
LAN Segmentation
Group Policies pt. 1
Group Policies pt. 2
Endpoint Security
Network Access Control
Utilizing Sinkholes
Penetration Testing
Pen Test Tools
Risk Evaluation

Vulnerability Management :
Vulnerability Management
Identifying Requirements
Establish Scanning Frequency
Tool Configuration
Perform Scans
Generate Reports
Perform Remediation
Ongoing Monitoring
Analyzing Scan Results
Web Server Vulnerabilities pt. 1
Web Server Vulnerabilities pt. 2
Endpoint Vulnerabilities
Network Vulnerabilities
Virtual Vulnerabilities
Mobile Device Vulnerabilities

Impact Identification :
Incident Response Overview
Threat Classification
Scope of Impact pt. 1
Scope of Impact pt. 2
Sensitive Data Types
Forensics Tools
Forensic Investigation Suite
CSA Security Tools

Incident Response Process :
Incident Response Basics
Understanding Stakeholders
Role-Based Responsibilities
Common Network Symptoms
Common Host-Related Symptoms
Common App-Related Symptoms

Incident Recovery :
Incident Recovery Overview
Post-Incident Actions
Incident Summary Report

Frameworks, Policies & Procedures :
FP&P Overview
Regulatory Compliance
Security Frameworks
Security Policies
Implementing Controls
Operational Procedures

Security Architecture Review :
Security Architecture Overview
Data Analytics
Manual Review
Defense in Depth
Processes and Procedures

Conclusion :
Wrap Up

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