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Oreilly Forensic Analysis of Computer Memory

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome To The Course
About The Author

Memory Analysis With Volatility :
What Is Volatility?
Getting Image Information
Getting User Session Information
Getting System Information
Process Listings
Shared Library Listing
Process Memory Analysis
Virtual Address Descriptors
Kernel Modules
Looking For Drivers
Network Connections
Windows Registry Information
Getting Hashes
Shell Bag Analysis
Getting Malware Indicators
Extracting Processes
Locating Files In Memory

Memory Analysis With Rekall :
What Is ReKall?
Installing ReKall In Virtual Environment
Working With Profiles
Interacting With ReKall
Using Regular Expressions With ReKall
Disassembling Processes From Memory
Using ReKall Sessions
Automating The Use Of ReKall in Python

Conclusion :
What We Covered

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