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AWS in Motion

UNIT 1 - Introducing Amazon Web Services
What is Amazon Web Services? 00:09:00
Cloud Computing explained 00:05:09
How can you benefit from using AWS? 00:07:46
What can you do with AWS? 00:02:52
How much does it cost? 00:05:37
Exploring AWS service ecosystem 00:03:15
UNIT 2 - Creating an AWS Account
Signing up 00:08:23
Signing in 00:04:03
Creating a key pair 00:04:36
Creating a billing alarm 00:05:15
UNIT 3 - Using virtual servers
Virtual machines 00:04:03
Launching a virtual machine 00:11:44
Connecting to a virtual machine 00:05:18
Installing and running software 00:07:49
Monitoring and debugging a virtual machine 00:05:09
Shutting down a virtual machine 00:04:23
UNIT 4 - Using a relational database service
Starting a MySQL database 00:09:43
Connecting to the database 00:07:03
Monitoring a database 00:04:18
Backing up and restoring your database 00:04:37
UNIT 5 - Using redundant EC2 instances to achieve HA
Running in multiple data centers: Availability Zones 00:10:04
Decoupling with DNS Route 53 00:08:38
Decoupling with load balancers: ALB 00:07:32
Stateless applications 00:10:00
UNIT 6 - Scaling up and down
Managing a dynamic machine pool 00:09:08
Using schedules to trigger scaling 00:03:54
Using metrics to trigger scaling 00:06:48
UNIT 7 - Cleanup and Summary
Cleanup 00:06:56
What's next? 00:08:30

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