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Oreilly Analyzing Data Using Spark 2.0 DataFrames With Python

Welcome To The Course
About The Author
Course Curriculum Overview

Overview Of Spark 2.0
What Is Spark 01m
Why Spark 2.0 DataFrames

DataFrame Basics
Jupyter Notebook Overview
Python Review Part One
Python Review Part Two
Creating A DataFrame
Data Input
Data Output
Getting DataFrame Information
Selecting Columns And Rows
Creating and Renaming Columns
Using SQL With DataFrames
Filtering The Data

Spark DataFrame Dates And Timestamps
Introduction To Date And Timestamps
Working With Dates
Working With Timestamps

Spark DataFrame Aggregate Operations
Introduction To Aggregate And GroupBy Concepts
Spark GroupBy Method
Spark Built In Aggregate Methods
Sorting And Ordering

Spark DataFrame Working With Missing Data
Introduction To Missing Data
Dropping Data
Filling Missing Data

Spark DataFrame Exercises
Introduction To Exercises
Exercise Solutions

Thank You
What Is Next And Where To Go From Here