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Oracle Database 19c: Multitenant Architecture

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What you should know

1. Multitenant Architecture :
Components of a multitenant environment
CDB root
PDB seed
Connecting to CDBs and PDBs
Multitenant data dictionary views
Challenge: Connect to the CDB and PDB
Solution: Connect to the CDB and PDB

2. Create and Clone PDBs and Users :
Creating a container database
Creating a PDB from the seed database
Copying a PDB
Dropping a PDB
Creating and managing local and common users
Moving a PDB
Upgrading a PDB to a new database version
Challenge: Move a PDB to a new container with SQL Developer
Solution: Move a PDB to a new container with SQL Developer

3. Application PDBs :
Creating application containers and application PDBs
Installing an application in an application PDB
Challenge: Upgrade an application PDB
Solution: Upgrade an application PDB

4. Multitenant Backup and Recovery :
Back up a CDB and PDB with RMAN
Recover a CDB or one of the PDBs
Challenge: Recover a PDB tablespace
Solution: Recover a PDB tablespace

Conclusion :
Next steps