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Mobile Photography: Image Management

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Manage images on mobile devices
A few things about this course

1. Phone Camera Settings :
Video recording options
Video slow-motion recording options
When to use Preserve Settings (iOS)
Stereo sound recording vs. mono
File format options for still pictures

2. Managing Phone Storage :
Reviewing overall storage on your iPhone
Selecting the right amount of storage for a new phone
Balancing local storage with cloud storage on an iPhone
Changing your iCloud storage settings
Tapping iCloud Drive for more options

3. Managing and Editing Images on Mobile Devices :
Getting the most out of chronological organization
The evolution of search tools
Marking images as favorites
Albums and collections
Apps for viewing picture metadata
Why mobile editing makes more sense than ever
How to quickly improve the appearance of a picture
Trimming and touching up movies

4. Using an iPad as a Mobile Photography Studio :
How iPadOS changed everything for photographers
Taking advantage of screen real estate for photo work
Using the iPad as a soft box for taking pictures with the iPhone
Tapping the built-in Photos image database
Getting the most out of the Files app
Working with Lightroom on an iPad
Exploring Pixelmator Photo
Tapping RAW Power as your photo editing app

5. Transferring Images from Digital Camera to Mobile Device :
Bringing your digital camera into the mobile workflow
Automatically adding geotags to digital camera photos
Transferring pictures from camera to smartphone via Wi-Fi
Using your smartphone as a remote release
Using AirDrop to move images from device to device

6. Android Photography and Lightroom :
Using the built-in camera
Working with the Lightroom mobile camera
Reviewing Lightroom mobile preferences
Adding images to your Lightroom library
Editing a picture in Lightroom mobile
Editing a picture in Google Photos
Using Dropbox as an alternative backup

Conclusion :
Keep improving your mobile photography