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Using Node.js with Visual Studio Code

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 | Introduction to Node.js
Introduction to Node.js - Video
About Node
Setting up your environment
First Node Application
Node Package Manager
Slide Presentation (Optional)
Try it: Visual Studio Community for Free (Optional)

2 | Introduction to Express
Introduction to Express - Video
What is Express
Installing and Using Express
Demo: Using Express for Multiple Pages
Demo: Using Express to build a RESTful API
Slide Presentation (Optional)

3 | Express and Databases
Express and Databases - Video
Discuss Data Driven Websites
Discuss MondgoDB
Show you how to save to MongoDB using Mongoose
Slide Presentation (Optional)

4 | Building a Front End for Your Express Web Apps
Building a Front End for Your Express Web Apps - Video
Introduction to Jade
Jade Templates
Implementing Bootstrap
Slide Presentation (Optional)

5 | Debugging and Deploying Node.js
Debugging and Deploying Node.js - Video
Azure Websites Overview
Introduction to the Azure Dashboard
Deploying to Azure with GitHub
Advanced Debugging
Slide Presentation (Optional)

6 | Extending Node.js with Azure Web Jobs
Extending Node.js with Azure Web Jobs - Video
Azure Webjobs Overview
Introduction to creating Webjobs
Creating a Simple Webjob
Demo: Creating a Simple Webjob
Slide Presentation (Optional)

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