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Getting Started with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting ready for DSC :
Getting ready for DSC
The purpose for DSC
DSC architecture overview
Resources for DSC
Requirements for DSC
Slide Presentation (Optional)
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Performing a Push deployment :
Performing a Push deployment
The purpose for a Push deployment
Slide Presentation (Optional)

Configuring Pull Servers for Deployment :
Configuring Pull Servers for Deployment​
The Purpose of a Pull Server
Configuring SMB pull server
Configuring HTTP pull server
Configuring HTTPS pull server
Slide Presentation (Optional)

Deploying Configurations Using a Pull Server :
Deploying Configurations Using a Pull Server
How the deployment works
Configuring the LCM for Pull
Preparing the configuration
Querying node status and other diagnostics
Slide Presentation (Optional)

Resource roundup :
Resource roundup
Working with the built-in resources
Adding resources locally
Adding resources to a pull server
Slide Presentation (Optional)

Writing better configurations :
Writing better configurations
Parameterized configurations
Getting the order straight with DependsOn
Building bigger configurations
Slide Presentation (Optional)

DSC and Linux :
DSC and Linux
The importance of cross platform
Requirements for Linux
Building OMI Server and LCM
Video: Writing a configuration for a switch
Slide Presentation (Optional)

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