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Microsoft Power Automate: Learn Power Automate Web & Desktop

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Basic Interface Walkthrough

Getting Started With Microsoft Power Automate :
Editing & Customizing Flow Template
Running & Testing Our First Flow
Understanding Flow Detail Page
Creating an Automated Flow From a Template
Editing Parameters Of Our Automated Twitter Flow
Running & Testing Our Automated Twitter Flow Part

Beginners Power Automate - Creating A Flow From Scratch :
Creating a flow from scratch
Creating our First Trigger
Creating an Action
Dynamic content in Power Automate
Dynamic content at work
Testing Our Flow
What are Expressions & How to Use Expressions In Our Flow
Using Concat Expression in Flow
3.9 Adding Multiple Action Steps & Using Trello as a Connector in Power Automate
Advanced Options in Action Steps
Setting Up Due Date Dynamically Using Expressions & Date Functions
Using Retweet Actions in Twitter Connector
Getting Started With Built-In Control Functions in Power Automate
Creating a Conditions in Our Flow
Testing If Conditions in Our Twitter Flow
Proof of Automated Re Tweet Bot
Introduction to Scheduled Flows in Power Automate
Creating Our First Scheduled Flow
Customizing Our Scheduled Flow Using Slack Connector
Customize Some parts of Our Scheduled Slack Flow
Adding Delay Action in Scheduled Flow

Intermediate Power Automate :
4.1 Introduction to Various Inputs Types in Microsoft Power Automate
4.2 Adding Multiple Inputs in Our Flows
4.3 Customizing our Flow With Multiple Inputs & Trello Card
4.4 Integrating PowerApps Within Power Automate Flow
4.5 Customizing Our PowerApps Triggered Flow
4.6 Creating An App in Microsoft PowerApps To Trigger Our Flow
4.7 Testing Our Integrated PowerApps Flow
4.8 Introduction to HTTP requests For Triggering Flows
4.10 Creating JSON Schema & Customizing HTTP Triggered Flow
4.11 Triggering HTTP Request Using PostMan & Testing Our Flow
4.12 Introduction To Parallel Branches in Power Automate With Demo
4.13 Introduction To Approvals in Power Automate
4.14 Adding Approvals In Scratch Twitter Flow
4.15 Integrating Approvals With Conditions in Power Automate
4.16 Testing Approval Based Flow
4.17 Advanced Builtin Connectors
4.18 Using Switch Control Action in Power Automate
4.19 Testing Switch Condition Control
4.20 Adding terminate Action With Switch Condition in Our Flow
4.21 Implementing Apply To Each Control Action (Loop)
4.22 Testing Apply To Each Loop Functionality of Our Flow & Error Handling
4.23 Introduction To Do Until Control Function
4.24 Do Until Control Setup in Power Automate
4.25 Testing Do until Function & Analyzing Metadata
4.26 Introduction to variables & Initializing Our First Variable
4.27 Setting Up Variable values & Testing Variables
4.28 Initializing Multiple Variables & Append to String Variable Action
4.29 Variable Manipulation Example
4.30 Setting Up Onedrive With Power Automate
4.31 Creating File Checking Flow With OneDrive & Variables
4.32 Customizing Find Files in Folder Action
4.33 Initailizing Second Variable in Our Flow
4.34 Setting Variable Based on Output From Other Actions
4.35 Integrating Do Until Loop & Completing Our Variable Manipulation Flow
4.36 Error Handling in Variable Manipulation Flow & Homework
4.37 Solution & Finalizing Our variable Manipulation Flow
4.38 Running & Testing Variable Manipulation Flow
4.39 Advance HTTP & Request Connectors in Power Automate
4.40 Advance Creating HTTP Trigger Request in Power Automate
4.41 Advance Testing HTTP Trigger Request & Analyizing Metadata
4.42 Data operations - Parsing JSON & Creating Schema Using Sample JSON Payload
4.43 Integrating Apply to Each Loop & Formatng the Raw Outputs
4.44 Transformative Connectors ( Text, DateTime & Number Functions )
4.45 Using Text Connector & Substring Functions in Power Automate
4.46 Introduction to Button Trigger Tokens in Power Automate
4.47 Creating Button Trigger Flow & Testing it

Advanced Developer Mode :
5.1 Good Development Practices - Analytics
5.2 Good Development Practices - Copy & Paste
5.3 Good Development Practices - Naming & Commenting
5.4 Static Results in Power Automate ( Theory & Example )
5.5 Triggers & Connectors based on location
5.7 Good Example of Error Handling
5.8 Using Scopes in Power Automate
5.8.2 Using Scopes in Power Automate
5.9 Using Scopes for Error Handling in Power Automate
5.10 Integrating Scopes in Flow For Error Handling
5.11 Advance Expressions Guide Overview
5.12 Expressions Environment Setup
5.13 String Functions - Concat & Replace Expressions
5.15 Using IndexOf Expression Within SubString Expression
5.16 Split Expression in Power Automate With Example
5.17 Split Function With Apply to each Control Action Loop
5.18 Collection Functions in Power Automate - Contains Collection Expression
5.19 Logical Comparison Functions - Using IF Statements Manually
5.20 Three Most Used Logical Comparison Functions ( and, or & equals )
5.21 Other Expressions & Functions in Power Automate
5.14 Using SubString Expression in Flow

Getting Started With Power Automate Desktop :
Requirements to Get Started With Desktop Flows
Installing Required Browser Extensions For Desktop Flows
Installing & Setting Up Power Automate Desktop
Desktop Flow Environment Walkthrough
Creating Our First Desktop Flow Using Desktop Recorder
Error Handling While Running Desktop Flows
Editing or Modifying Parameters of Desktop Flows
6.8 Testing Modified Parameters in Desktop Flows
6.9 Creating Dialog Box For Getting User Input in Desktop Flows
6.10 Intregating User Inputs in Desktop Flows
6.11 Integrating Input Variables &Testing Inputs in Desktop Flows
6.13 Creating First Web Flow using Web Recorder
6.14 Running Our Flow & Fixing Errors
6.15 Excel Automation - Launch Excel 1
6.16 Excel Automation - Read From Excel Worksheet
6.17 Excel Automation - Write Text to File & Close Excel
6.18 Running & Testing Excel Automation Flow
6.19 Excel Automation - Write to Excel Worksheet & Testing Flow
6.20 Excel Automation - Dynamically Set User Input For Write to Excel Step
6.21 Excel Automation - Insert Row & Column to Excel Worksheet
023 Excel Automation - Adding a New Worksheet & Setting Active Excel Worksheet
024 Email Automation - Introduction & Basic Gmail Settings to Use With Power Aut
025 Email Automation - Creating Retrieve Email Messages Flow
026 Email Automation - Process Email Messages
027 Email Automation - Running & testing Process Email Messages Flow
028 Email Automation - Mark as unread & Move to Specified Folder
029 Excel Automation - Send Email Messages With For Each loop
030 Running & Testing Send Email Messages Action Steps
031 PDF Automation Introduction (Combine With 031)
032 PDF Automation - Extracting Images From PDF
033 PDF Automation - Extract PDF Files Pages to New PDF File
034 PDF Automation - Merging PDF Files 1
035 PDF Automation - Merging PDF Files 2
036 SubFlows in Microsoft PowerAutomate
037 Testing Main Flow before stating with SubFlow
038 SubFlows - Creating Our Very First SubFlow
039 SunFlows - Executing SubFlow From Main Flow Using Flow Run SubFlow
040 SubFlows - Renaming & Deleting SubFlows in power Automate
041 Exception Handling in Microsoft Power Automate