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MasterClass Alice Waters – Teaches the Art of Home Cooking

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Alice's Philosophy of Food
2. The Farmer’s Market: Learning From the Source
3. A Vegetable Lunch: Roasted, Steamed, and Raw
4. Alice’s Essential Kitchen Tools
5. A Well-Stocked Pantry
6. Cooking For Your Pantry: Alice’s Staples
7. Leaves, Herbs, and Aromatics
8. Cooking From Your Kitchen Garden: Salsa Verde
9. Preparing a Beautiful Salad
10. Chez Panisse Cooking: Galette
11. Chez Panisse Cooking: Ravioli
12. Follow the Rhythms of Nature: Seasonal Eating
13. A Market Fresh Dinner: Planning and Prep
14. A Market Fresh Dinner: Finish and Serve
15. Coming Back to the Table
16. The Power of Food: The Edible Schoolyard
17. BONUS: Alice's Egg in a Spoon