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Master Web Design in Adobe XD

Video Introducing this tutorial
1. Introduction
2. Quick answers to popular questions
3. Web design - what you need to know
4. How to select layers like a professional designer
5. Exercise practice your selecting
6. Here’s what coders do with our designs
7. Exercise: Test your skills & attention to detail
8. Solving the previous exercise
9. The three keys to becoming a great web designer
10. The most important question when starting a new project
11. How to research/find inspiration for your project
12. Set up the most important part of the layout
13. Create the top bar
14. How to choose fonts for your project
15. How to choose beautiful colors
16. Organize the top bar
17. Create the structure for the header
18. Set a style for the header
19. Attention to detail in the header
20. Building a great hero area
21. Redesign the categories menu
22. How to display all the product details in a grid
23. Here’s how you find the best layout for the grid of products
24. Create the first version of the product card
25. The second version of the product card
26. The third version of the product card
27. How to design a clean and modern FAQ section
28. Create a newsletter sign up form
29. How to design a beautiful footer
30. Final variation and thoughts about the homepage
31. Analysing how we can improve the product page
32. Setting up the layout for the top part of the product page
33. How to organize lots of information in the product’s page
34. How to add small details that make a difference
35. How to handle large quantities of text
36. Creating the sidebar
37. The First Key to Becoming a Great Web Designer
38. Best settings for a web design project
39. Case study: Non-standard layouts
40. Exercise: Create a standard website layout
41. How to size your web elements correctly
42. My formula for perfect text
43. Case study: text layers
44. Color Contrast
45. Case study: Colors - Part 1
46. Case study: Colors - Part 2
47. How to align elements in the hero area
48. 3 rules for web design icons
49. Case Study: Visual Balance
50. Thoughts on the first key of web design
51. The Second Key to Becoming a Great Web Designer
52. What’s the point of the website?
53. The user versus the business owner
54. Analytics in Web Design
55. Templates & Website Builders - The web designer’s death?
56. Case Study: 4 versions of the same website
57. E-commerce homepage layout
58. E-commerce product details
59. E-commerce checkout
60. Why aren’t websites pixel perfect?
61. Landing page vs a website
62. Case studies: the client’s needs
63. Lead generation in landing pages
64. Why landing pages have a bad reputation
65. Digital product landing page
66. A/B testing landing pages
67. Case Study: Landing page analysis
68. Final thoughts about the client’s needs
69. The Third Key to Becoming a Great Web Designer
70. What's UX?
71. The best example of good UX and attention to detail
72. Improve the checkout process to double sales
73. Improve the mobile version to double sales
74. 7 website tweaks that show attention to detail
75. Upgrading the mobile product page
76. Doing 1-on-1 sessions with a coder
77. What's next?