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Machine Learning for Designers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Why Design For Machine Learning Is Different
Course Intro 01m 43s
About The Author 01m 05s
Boolean Vs Fuzzy Logic 02m 26s
Explicit Programming Vs Experiential Training In Machine Learning 03m 18s
Procedural Precision Vs Intuitive Approximation With Machine Learning 02m 12s
Finding The Right Tool For The Job 01m 05s

What Is Machine Learning?
Deductive And Inductive Reasoning 01m 20s
Mechanical Induction 04m 29s
The Major Types Of Learning Algorithms 04m 56s
What Is Deep Learning? 02m 38s
Building Intuition For Machine Learning Problems 05m 41s

Getting Started With Machine Learning Workflows
Preliminary Look At The Stages Of A Machine Learning Workflow 04m 57s
Why Machine Learning Requires Special Tools And Workflows 03m 38s
Streamlining Machine Learning Workflows With Docker 01m 44s
Getting Started With Docker 01m 24s
Getting Started With Launchbot 03m 14s
Getting Started With Jupyter Notebooks 02m 37s

Getting Started With Machine Learning Development
Getting Started With TensorFlow 04m 25s
Setting Up TensorFlow 00m 37s
Graphs And Sessions In TensorFlow 03m 25s
Basic Operations In TensorFlow 02m 43s
Working With Data In TensorFlow 03m 42s
Building And Training A Simple Neural Network In TensorFlow 07m 42s
Visualizing A Simple Neural Network In TensorFlow 02m 20s

Going Deeper With Machine Learning Development
Saving And Restoring Models In TensorFlow 01m 41s
The Dark Art Of Neural Network Configuration 04m 11s
Overfitting And Other Learning Difficulties 04m 32s
Improving Learning Quality 04m 51s
Working With The Inception Image Recognizer In TensorFlow 03m 19s
Performing Transfer Learning On The Inception Image Recognizer In TensorFlow 05m 22s

Integrating Machine Learning Systems Into User-Facing Software
Building A User-Facing Image Recognition Web Application 06m 03s

Reflecting Upon The Design Landscape
Reflecting Upon Design Landscape 04m 42s

Design Opportunities
Parsing Complex Information 07m 51s
Creating Dialogue 08m 05s

Design Challenges
Designing For Uncertainty 02m 36s
Masking Faulty Assumptions 03m 05s
Creating Sanity Checks 02m 44s

How To Continue Your Study Of Machine Learning
Resources For The Further Study Of Machine Learning 00m 54s
Staying Up-To-Date With Advancements In The Field 01m 13s
Emerging Opportunities For Machine-Learning-Enhanced Design 01m 56s

Wrap Up And Thank You 00m 44s