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lynda Zoom: Leading Effective and Engaging Calls

Video Introducing this tutorial

Leading effective, productive, and engaging Zoom calls
Where to learn Zoom basics

1. Meeting Settings and Security:
Managing security before your meeting
Managing security during your meeting
Managing security for back-to-back meetings
Managing security of your local recordings after your meeting
Managing security of your cloud recordings after your meeting

2. Conducting Productive Meetings and Maximizing Engagement:
Establishing pre-meeting communication guidelines
Time-management tips for effective meetings
Managing connection issues, passwords, and lost links
Setting up in-meeting communication guidelines
Managing the various view options
Organizing meeting windows to maximize eye contact
Using the polling feature
Ending your meetings smoothly

3. Collaboration Tools and Settings:
Sharing your screen and annotating
Controlling another user's screen
Using and sharing your whiteboard
Sharing video and audio content
Collaborating with a cohost

4. Setting Up and Using Breakout Rooms:
Creating breakout rooms and automatically assigning participants
Manually assigning participants to breakout rooms
Modifying and managing participants in breakout rooms

5. Advanced Zoom Features:
Mastering in-meeting hot keys
Understanding the difference between meetings and webinars
Livestreaming your Zoom meetings to the web

Continued learning with Zoom