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ZBrush: Modeling Footwear

Video Introducing this tutorial


Exercise files
What to know

1. Creating the Sole

Importing reference images
Modeling the basic sole shape
Extruding the sole and tread thickness
Tapering the tread
Creasing hard edges
Adjusting the reference images
Making a template for the repeating treads
Duplicating the tread with array mesh
Cutting the tread pattern
Tweaking the tread
Bending the sole
Tweaking the sole geometry

2. Making the Upper

Making the basic upper shape
Drawing out the patch placement
Extracting the simple patches
Extracting more complex patches
Making the tongue
Making the cuff
Forming the heel tab
Finishing the upper elements

3. Creating the Laces

Making a lace grommet
Placing the grommets with insert mesh
Making a shoelace brush
Drawing out the laces
Tweaking the shape of the laces
Creating the aglets

4. Adding the Fine Details

Sculpting the irregularities
Adding leather texture
Sculpting specific leather detail
Adding fabric textures
Sculpting stitches
Making stitches with insert mesh
Making fuzzy suede texture
Adding stitches around the welt
Making the final adjustments


Next steps