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ZBrush 4R8 New Features

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course

1. Using Gizmo 3D

Introducing Gizmo 3D
Customizing the Gizmo
Creating primitives with the Gizmo
Transposing multiple subtools at once
Deforming meshes with the Gizmo

2. Using the ZModeler Brush

ZModeler Brush basics
Polygrouping with ZModeler
Extruding faces with ZModeler
Inserting edgeloops with ZModeler
Creasing edges with ZModeler
Extra ZModeler tips

3. Using Live Booleans

Setting up Live Booleans
Generating Booleaned results
Live Boolean challenge
Live Boolean solution

4. Assorted New Features

Continuing a stroke
Making straight line strokes
Drawing an inverse mask
Create a vector displacement map brush
Creating text


Next steps