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Xamarin Development: Authentication and Identity

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Authentication in Mobile Applications
Authenticating users
Identifying providers, relying parties, tokens, and claims
OAuth and OpenID Connect
Authentication vs. authorization

2. Xamarin.Auth Library
The Xamarin.Auth library
Installing Xamarin.Auth packages
Creating a provider application
Configuring the Android project
Configuring the iOS project
Displaying authentication status
Making authenticated web calls
Storing and retrieving credentials

3. Using an Identity Management Service
What is an identity management service?
Setting up an Azure AD B2C tenant
Configuring an identity provider
Defining an application
Configuring a default signup policy
Installing the MSAL libraries
Configuring the applications for authentication
Authenticating the user

4. Working with Claims
Understanding claims in Azure AD B2C
Configuring claims in Azure AD B2C
Extracting claims in your application
Using claims in your application

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