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lynda Working with Computers and Devices

Video Introducing this tutorial

Working with computers to create opportunity

1. Computer and Device Basics:
What is a computer?
What parts make up a computer?
Understand types of computers
Add external storage to a computer
Connect to Bluetooth devices

2. Working with Desktop Operating Systems:
Understand the role of an operating system
Get to know the operating system
Organize files and folders in Windows 10
Access system features with right-click
Manage and organize windows
Customize your desktop
Interact with a virtual assistant
Discover and use accessibility features
Keep your operating system up to date

3. Working with Applications:
Understand applications
Open and save files
Find the right application
Understand the similarities between applications
Work with mobile applications

4. Keeping Your Computer Secure and Updated:
The importance of individual accounts
Strategies for creating secure passwords
The security settings on your computer

5. Getting Online:
Connect to a wired network
Connect to a Wi-Fi network

6. Creating Content in Microsoft Office:
Microsoft 365 vs. Office 2019
Sign into Office Online
Similarities between Office products
Use Microsoft Search to quickly find anything in Office

7. Get Started with Word:
Create and save documents in Word
Formatting text
Check spelling and grammar
Find and replace text
Use Word on a mobile device

8. Get Started with Excel:
Create and save documents in Excel
Create a simple data table
Validate and format content
Create a basic equation