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lynda Working and Collaborating Online

Video Introducing this tutorial

Computing with confidence, getting job skills, and staying safe online

1. Access Information Online:
Methods of connecting to the internet
Connect a Windows 10 device to the internet using Wi-Fi
What is the World Wide Web?
Browse the web with Microsoft Edge
Understand accessibility options in Microsoft Edge
Safely shop online
Perform a basic search using Bing
Search more effectively in Bing
Evaluate online information
Develop media literacy

2. Participate Safely and Responsibly Online:
Methods of communicating online
Protect yourself from phishing and online scams
Communicate safely online
Create strong passwords
Avoid oversharing online
Manage your digital footprint
Responsibly use content you find online
Treat others respectfully online

3. Collaborating with Outlook:
Collaborate via email and calendars
Add a contact
Create and email a group
Create appointments and meetings

4. Collaborate Online in Word:
Collaborate on Word documents
Add comments
Track and manage changes

5. Sharing Content with OneDrive:
Understand cloud-based services
Creating a OneDrive account
Manage files
Share a document
Upload and create files and folders

6. Using Chat, Video Calls, and Group Video Meetings:
Understand instant messaging, voice, and video chat
Sign into Skype
Add contacts
Set up audio and video
Send text messages
Make a call