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WordPress REST API: Authentication

Video Introducing this tutorial


How to use the exercise files
What you need

1. What Is Authentication?

What is authentication and when do you need it?
What type of authentication is needed?
Authentication requires encryption
Sidebar: Basic authentication for development, and ONLY development

2. Cookie Authentication

What is cookie authentication?
Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF) with nonces
Preview of the REST API-enabled front-end editing plugin
Create a plugin for front-end editing
Pass nonce and other information from WordPress to the JavaScript
Add the front-end editing functionality using jQuery
Send nonce-authenticated Ajax requests to the REST API
Limit front-end editing to authorized users

3. JWT Authentication

What is JWT authentication?
Set up JWT support with a plugin
Test the JWT authentication in Postman
Preview of the stand-alone WP Edit app
Capture login information with JavaScript
Get the JWT token using Ajax
Add editing capability using Ajax
Add conditions for different scenarios

4. OAuth 2 Authentication

What is OAuth 2 authentication?
Install WP OAuth Server plugin
Registering the client application with the OAuth server
Configure JSO
Get an OAuth 2 token using JSO
Run authenticated requests to the REST API using JSO
Make login and log out states meaningful


This is just the beginning