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WordPress: Developing Blocks with Gutenberg

Building custom WordPress blocks
Course overview and prerequisites
Using GitHub exercise files

1. Getting Started
Block building dev environment
Example project walk-through
podkit.php: The heart of the plugin
Install dependencies and test the plugin
Sidebar: A practical approach to blocks

2. Block-Building Basics
Anatomy of a basic block
Add an editable RichText field
Use attributes to capture data
Create a function to update the field
Sidebar: Props scoping
Add media upload to the block
How to find and use components

3. Using and Extending Block Features
Add block alignments: Wide and full
Add an alignment toolbar to the block
Add inspector controls in the sidebar
Add block styles

4. Create a Dynamic Block
Fetch a post from the database
Explore the post response and build out edit return
Save Dynamic Block using PHP
Modify the REST API response
Add a conditional featured image

Next steps on the learning journey

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