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WordPress: Backing Up Your Site

Video Introducing this tutorial

Backing up your WordPress site

1. Backing Up WordPress
Why is backing up your site necessary?
What to back up and when
Solutions covered in this course

2. Manually Backing Up Your Site
Access the database
Back up the database
Restore the database from a backup
Back up WordPress files
Restore WordPress files from backup

3. Back Up and Restore via Hosting Tools
Host-managed backup services
Restore the site from a backup
Create a backup

4. Back Up Using Third-Party Plugins
Overview of popular backup plugins
Install and activate UpdraftPlus
Overview of UpdraftPlus
Configure and schedule backups
Restore your site from backup

5. Back Up Using Migration Plugins
Backup using site migration plugins
Configure and schedule package creation
Create a manual package
Restore your site from a package

Backup matters