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Word Quick Tips

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1. Word Quick Tips

Delete a page in Word
Draw a table
Add page and section breaks in Word
Find the word count in a Word document
Add page numbers
Use section breaks to control column layouts
Format text in a table
Properly add space between paragraphs
View two parts of a document
Convert text to table and table to text
Start page numbering later in a document
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Choose the best paste option in Word
Remove hidden data from documents
Format pictures
View multiple pages at once in Word
Recover a document after a crash
Add a watermark
Create a table of contents in Word
Insert a word count into your document
Add text automatically
Insert a header/footer in Word
Include both portrait and landscape pages in a document
Use placeholder text
Insert and delete comments in Word
Save to OneDrive and use Word Online
Copy formatting from one item to another
Save to Google Drive from within Word
Edit PDF content in Word
Use non-printing characters as a layout guide