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Word for Mac 2016 Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started with Word 2016
Launching Word and touring the interface
Opening, closing, and viewing documents
Using the new Bookmark feature
Using templates to create new documents
Printing your documents

2. Editing Text
Inserting new text
Selecting text with the mouse or keyboard
Rearranging text with cut, copy, and paste
Finding and replacing text
Undoing and redoing actions

3. Formatting Text
Introducing fonts
Choosing the right font and font style
Changing text case
Adding pizzazz with text effects

4. Formatting Paragraphs and Columns
Changing paragraph alignment and justification
Adjusting line spacing
Using columns
Keeping text together across page breaks
Applying paragraph shading and borders
Using tab stops and indents

5. Formatting Pages
Changing page size, margins, and orientation
Using headers, footers, and page numbering
Organizing a document into sections
Adding page backgrounds, borders, and watermarks

6. Formatting Efficiently with Styles and Themes
Applying quick styles to text
Applying a theme to a document
Creating your own quick styles

7. Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Creating a bulleted or numbered list
Changing the format of a bulleted or numbered list
Creating levels in a list

8. Working with Tables
Creating new tables from scratch
Converting existing text to a table
Formatting table appearance
Managing columns and rows
Merging and splitting cells
Sorting data in a table
Using formulas in a table
Converting a table to text

9. Illustrating Your Documents
Illustrating with pictures and shapes
Positioning and grouping graphics
Using a table to organize text and graphics
Adjusting photos in a document
Applying special effects to graphics
Illustrating with WordArt
Inserting a chart
Diagramming with SmartArt

10. Using Macros and Building Blocks
Creating and running a macro
Editing a macro
Using building blocks

11. Proofing your Documents
Checking spelling and grammar
Setting proofing and autocorrect options
Using the thesaurus and Smart Lookup

12. Reviewing Documents with Others
Inserting and reviewing comments
Tracking changes and showing markup
Comparing and combining documents

13. Sharing Documents with Others
Saving documents to OneDrive
Sending documents via email
Password protecting a document
Restricting editing for part of a document

14. Customizing Word
Changing Word settings
Editing user information
Customizing the UI

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