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Word 2019 Essential Training

Get acquainted with the power of Word 2019
What you need to know

1. Get Started
Open, close, and read documents
Save new documents
Use the Tell Me assistant

2. Edit Text
Inserting new text
Rearrange text with Cut, Copy, and Paste
Find and replace text

3. Formatting Text
Change font formatting
Change text case
Format text with styles

4. Work with Paragraph Text
Change paragraph alignment
Adjust line spacing
Keep text together across page breaks
Put text into columns
Organize text in tables

5. Format Pages
Change page layout
Use headers, footers, and page numbering
Organizing a document with sections

6. Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Create a bulleted list
Create a numbered list
Edit and format lists

7. Illustrate Your Documents
Illustrate with shapes
Illustrate with images
Adjust photos in a document

8. Proof Your Documents
Set proofing and autocorrect options
Check spelling and grammar
Find synonyms with the thesaurus

9. Share and Collaborate with Others
Print your documents
Send documents via email
Collaborate on documents in the cloud
Add password protection to a file

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