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Windows Server 2016: Remote Access Solutions


What you should already know

1. Private Intranets on a Public Extranet

From the inside out: NAT concepts
Implementing NAT
From the outside in: VPN concepts
Site-to-site (S2S) VPN vs. remote access VPN
VPN protocols

2. Implementing Virtual Private Networks

Installing a remote access VPN
Connecting to a remote access gateway
Securing a remote access gateway
Creating an S2S VPN
Connecting to an S2S VPN
Troubleshooting a VPN

3. Network Policy Server for RADIUS

Installing and configuring RADIUS
Configuring NPS as a RADIUS proxy
Configuring clients in RADIUS
Configuring RRAS as a RADIUS client
Testing RADIUS authentication
Using RADIUS accounting

4. Network Policy Server (NPS)

Configuring NPS templates
Connection request policies
Connection-specific policies
Importing and exporting NPS policies

5. DirectAccess

Server requirements for DirectAccess
Configuring DirectAccess certificates
Installing DirectAccess
Initial configuration of DirectAccess
Configuring DirectAccess clients


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