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Windows Server 2016: High Availability



1. Overview

New features, Windows Server 2016, high availability
Different types of high availability

2. Configuring Network Load Balancing

Configure NLB prerequisites
Install NLB nodes
Configuring cluster operation mode
Upgrading an NLB cluster
Configuring affinity

3. Configure Failover Clustering

Create a failover cluster
Configuring cluster networking
Configure cluster storage
Configure cluster quorums

4. Managing the Cluster

Viewing cluster events
Workgroup clusters
Renaming clusters

5. Interacting with Hyper-V

How to add a VM in Hyper-V to a cluster
How to remove a VM from Cluster Manager
How to add a second Cluster
How to replicate virtual machines
How to create a VM checkpoint

6. Managing Failover Cluster Roles

Configure role-specific settings
Configure virtual machine (VM) monitoring
Configure failover and preference settings
Configure guest clustering

7. Available Roles in Clustering

DHCP server failover and clustering
Fileserver clustering
ISCSI target
Adding the generic service cluster role
Creating continuously available shares

8. Managing Cluster Movement

Perform live and quick migrations
Perform cluster storage migration
Import, export, and copy VMs
Configure VM network health protection
Configure node drain on a cluster
Deleting a cluster


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