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Windows Server 2016: Advanced Networking Features


What you should already know

1. High-Performance Network Interfaces

NIC teaming concepts
Configuring NIC Teams
Switch embedded teaming
Virtual receiver side scaling
QoS with data center bridging (DCB)

2. High-Performance SMB Environments

Remote enabled direct memory access NICs
SMB multichannel
Application scenarios

3. High-Performance Virtual Networks

Virtual machine multiqueue concepts
Configuring VMQ
About single-root I/O virtualization
Enable and configure SR-IOV

4. Software-Defined Networks

Understanding software-defined networks
SDN network requirements
SDN deployment scenarios

5. Software-Defined Virtual Networks

Hyper-V network virtualization
Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)
Virtual extensible LAN encapsulation
Load balancing virtual networks
Configuring North-South load balancing
Configuring East-West load balancing

6. Gateways and Firewalls

Windows Server Gateway scenarios
Configuring L3 Windows Server Gateway
HNV gateway for site-to-site VPN
Planning distributed firewall policies
Implementing firewall policies


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