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Windows Server 2012: Create and Manage Group Policy

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Managing Group Policy Objects
An introduction to Group Policy objects (GPO)
Understanding the Group Policy central store
Configuring the Group Policy central store
Using the management console with group policies
What are starter group policies objects and how to use them
How to configure Group Policy settings
Setting GPO states
Creating multiple local Group Policy objects
Creating local GPOs

2. Configuring Security Policies
How to define local policies
Planning an audit policy
Configuring an audit policy
Configuring user rights and security options
Using security templates to create GPOs
Creating GPOs from security templates
How to configure local users and groups
Creating local users using User Account Control Panel applet
Creating local users and using Local Users and Groups MMC snap-in
How to configure user account controls

3. Configuring Application Restricting Policies
How to use software restriction policies
Configuring software restriction rules
How to use AppLocker
Using AppLocker

4. Configuring Windows Firewall
Understanding Windows Firewall
Basic Windows Firewall settings
Understanding Windows Firewall rules

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